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Services We Offer

IT Contract Negotiations

Our as-a-service solution will augment your current IT procurement processes and people to be fully aligned with technology buyers.  A contingency pricing model for a no-risk proposition. Using a proven proprietary process including years of technology sales insights to optimize resources, deliver cost savings and improve business financial performance.  An expert negotiator with a methodical approach to yield maximum savings while strengthening vendor relationships.  

Technology Strategy

Technology is evolving faster than ever before. We guide you in the creation of a strategy which is modular, easy to swap products in & out, cost effective and doesn’t slow down the progress of your company.

Business Strategy

Growing a business takes more than just good sales and marketing efforts. When all areas of the company are not in sync, are not optimized, and may not be tooled to moving the same direction, you may not be able to achieve your growth goals. All companies need a sound business strategy to ensure they can meet the demands of the business for today and tomorrow.